My name is Marie.
I am in foster care in Arizona.
YOU can give me the kind
of summer every kid wishes
for and deserves.

My name is Tony.
I am in foster care in Arizona.
YOU can give me the kind
of summer every kid wishes
for and deserves

My name is Emma.
I am in foster care.
I live in a group home
or with relatives I barely know.
YOU can make my summer.

My name is Blake. I am in foster
care in Arizona and I’ve
never been to camp.
YOU can make my summer.

My name is Xavier. I live
with my grandparents who
try really hard to help me.
YOU can make my summer.


Beginning in 2016, couples filing jointly qualify for a $1,000 TAX CREDIT and individual files qualify for $500. You do not need to itemize to claim the tax credit. If you’re interested in setting up monthly payments, please contact AFFCF directly at 602.252.9445.

Skye, 11 & Emily, 9
Maricopa County

In foster care for sometime, these two sisters want nothing more than to experience a magical time learning to sing, dance and perform at a theater camp.

Jordan, 10,
Pima County

Jordan dreams of going to summer camp where he can meet friends who are share his experiences in foster care. And he really hopes to learn to fish!

Serenity, 6
Pinal County

Serenity loves music. Drum lessons allow her to focus on the good things when the outside stress of being in foster care weighs heavy on her mind.

Juan, 12
Santa Cruz County

The termination of his parents’ rights left Juan angry and confused. Karate lets him channel his frustrations in a positive manner.

Maria, 13 & Sierra, 8
Yavapai County

Maria and Sierra are sisters who have had a rough go in life. Their foster family wants to treat them to a fun-filled escape at Disneyland.

Danny, 17
Maricopa County

Danny is a varsity wrestler on his high school team. He wants to join his teammates at their annual summer camp so he can improve his skills.

Delaney, 7
Coconino County

Delaney lives with her grandparents who can’t afford to the extras. She loves the water and swim lessons are the perfect outlet for her to stay active. 

Brendan, 8
La Paz County

Brendan has never had a bicycle in his short life. His foster family wants to make his birthday extra special by surprising him with a bike of his own.

Isaiah, 13
Cochise County

Isaiah eats, breathes and sleeps baseball. His grandparents live on a fixed income, but want to give him the opportunity to chase his dream of playing ball.


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Albert M., 10

“Thank you for your support. I’m very grateful to know that there are people out there looking out for me and my brothers, and all the other kids going through a tough life.