Youth will age out of foster care this year. You can change their lives with a tax credit donation.


what happens when az youth age out of foster care?

If you’re a young man or woman in foster care in Arizona coming up on your 18th birthday, you have two choices. One, sign a “voluntary agreement” to stay in foster care until you turn 21 and receive a small stiped from the state. Or, two, walk away from foster care and head out on your own with no family support. Most youth choose to walk away.

When young people age out of foster care without a caring adult in their lives, the system has failed them.

For 33 years, Arizona Friends of Foster Children Founcation has stepped in to change lives and improve the outcomes for children in foster care. Young men and women who are aging out of foster care without any supports are especially close to our hearts.

change their lives with a foster care tax credit donation*

Here are a few ways in which your donation helps these important young people find their way to a brighter future:


Supports one-on-one careeer development and employment services for a youth in our Keys to Success program for one year


Funds tutoring services to help a youth catch up to grade level and graduate from high school


Funds a driver’s education course for one youth to be able to drive when he or she turns 18 years old


Pays for new dishes, pots, pans, rugs, towels and other items to help a youth set up his/her first home