The Foster Care Tax Credit Changes Lives.

The Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation is one of 32 qualifying foster care organizations that benefit from the foster care tax credit.

We give children in foster care back their childhood by paying for athletic, educational and social activities. In 2016, we will serve 5,000 in foster care, a 25% increase over 2015. Tax credit donations ensure that we continue to improve the lives of children in foster care in Arizona.

In 2016 the rules changed to how you can make a foster care tax credit donation. Individuals now can give up to $500, while joint filers can donate up to $1,000. Also new is that you can donate up to the tax filing deadline and have your tax credit donation apply to your prior
year’s taxes.

When reviewing how best to take advantage of the available Arizona state tax credits, consider giving the gift of childhood. Please consult your tax professional to learn more details about the Foster Care Tax credit or visit

please help us spread the word about tax credits.

If you are a tax professional or even just want to give people great news, we ask that you let others know that they can do good, feel good and reduce their Arizona state tax bill. We’ve prepared a flyer that can help you better explain Arizona tax credits. Click the image to the left to download a PDF copy for yourself. If you’d like to customize the flyer with your logo, please email Kim Searles