Caleb, 18

Like so many children facing the uncertainty of being in foster care, Caleb fell behind in school. He worked hard, but by the time he became a senior in high school, he needed an extra class to graduate on time. No one believed he would ever graduate, much less be successful in life. With the request from his Court-Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), AFFCF stepped in to pay for the extra class.

Caleb will continue to put work, sweat and effort to be successful. He plans to join the Navy upon graduation and then become a group home staff member. He wants not only to help, but also change lives as others did for him.

Faith, 18

Faith was moving from a group home into her first apartment. Without any family support, she wasn’t sure how she would manage getting just the basics. AFFCF’s apartment set-up award provided $350 for Faith to purchase items such as towels, dishes, pots and pans, a microwave and other necessities.

Faith is thrilled with the new items for her apartment and proud to have a place and items to call her own. As she moves forward in her life, she always will remember the AFFCF donors who made her transition into adulthood a little easier.


Michael, 17

Michael enjoys working with computers and is always interested in programs that further his computer knowledge.  Although he often struggles to stay focused on schoolwork, he happily sat through the three-hour workshop AFFCF funded to learn more about how computer circuits work.

Understanding that he does have the capacity to sit through a lengthy workshop and enjoy the learning experience boosted Michael’s self-esteem. And now he realizes that getting through general studies classes will eventually result in being able to pursue his interest in computers at a college level.

Destiny, 17

Ever since she can remember, Destiny has dreamed of being a stylist. In her group home, she even helps the girls with their hair to boost up their self-esteem. The award from AFFCF to pay her cosmetology fees advanced her goals in life.

Destiny plans to use her cosmetology skills to help her pay her way through college. One day she wants to own her own salon. For now, she’s happy that she finally gets to do something she loves.

Andrea, 18

Andrea just got her first job and has to work the closing shift, working until 10 p.m. Unfortunately, the bus doesn’t run that late. That means she has to walk two hours to get back to her group home.

Through AFFCF, she was able to get a bike of her own, allowing her to get to and from work safely and quickly. Now she can go to work and save her money for her future outside of foster care.

Kevin, 17

Kevin is a refugee and an orphan, having lost his father to the civil war that is decimating his country. He lost his mother to illness in a refugee camp. After losing his family and coming to a new country, he made a great deal of progress in the foster program. He worked very hard to reach a level of reading and math consistent with being able to take general education classes – a goal he reached upon entering high school.

AFFCF awarded Kevin a grant that allowed him to enroll in a pre-employment skills program. He wants to have a job, and the program will allow him the one-on-one assistance he needs to reach his goal.